• It does not lose its shape when frozen, so it does not occupy more space in the cooler.
  • Better image of the container.
  • Used in the USA and Europe.
  • It allows to stack more boxes without risk of puncture. More quantity of gels per pallet. Save up costs in logistics.
  • This product can be used refrigerated and placed near the medication without risk of it freezing. Its use prevents the inconvenient operation of stabilizing gels, in this case the gels are directly removed from the refrigerator and go into the cooler.
  • Ideal to combine with rigid gels.
  • Lower risk of puncture of the container.
  • Better perception of product quality for the user when touched.
  • Lower weight, ideal for export or air transport.


Measures: 14.5 x 22 cm (30 x box) 315gr. (+/- 5%)

Measures: 14 x 29.5 cm (20 x box) 500 gr (+/- 5%)