Double Quality Control

Our cooling gels Coldpack go through a quality double control.

Extra Resistant Seal

Its large size seal assures optimal tightness.

Container Mechanic Control

For Zupeg quality is extremely important; it is why each gel is controlled by this unique mechanic testing (integrated on our production line) exerting certain pressure to check sealment and bag resistance.

Individual Control of Exact Weight

An operary controls the cooling gels weight and also checks that the gel printout is correct.

Packages in Corrugated Cardboard Support

The corrugated cardboard boxes’ primordial function is to protect items through a special system of cushioning. Although extremely light, they are highly resistant. This is the reason why the corrugated cardboard packaging is currently the most popular and effective packaging method for transporting of manufactured goods. The triple wall cardboard plates provide more strength and stiffness to the boxes.

Service includes personalized manufacture of bags that include the respective company data or logos.

The benefits of the cooling gel Coldpack have been constantly tested; and its efficiency has earned a place and turned Zupeg into one of the best options as manufacturer and provider of this product.


Traceability is understood as the set of those pre-established and self-sufficient procedures which allow the knowledge of the product’s or batch of products’ history, location and trajectory along the supply chain in a given moment, through certain tools.